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Wetsuit Rental

Wetsuit Rental

We are pleased to let our customers, who dont want to invest in their own wetsuit, rent a wetsuit for the season or by the month while you get in to the sport and save on the big outlay of an expensive piece of equipment that you simply have to have.

We offer wetsuits for rent from Blue Seventy, Zoot and Huub for men, women and children (Aged 8 to 14). Below you can see an example of the suits we rent. Please contact us on 01244 401449 or phil@sailandski.co.uk to make an enquiry. We like to talk to our customers when renting to ensure the suit they have meets their needs and is the correct fit. We offer Collection and fitting instore or you can have them shipped to you (7.00 shipping cost applies).

Adult Wetsuit Monthly - 50.00*

Junior Wetsuit Monthly - 45.00*

Adult Wetsuit Season - 75.00**

Junior Wetsuit Season - 65.00**

*return same day next month

** return by 10th October

Ts & Cs

By renting the above items from Sail and Ski Ltd, I agree to return the item on time as stated above and in a condition that only shows signs of fair wear and tear. Small pulls on the fabric will be considered fair wear and tear. Large rips and missing parts of the suit will not be. If I return the suit in a state beyond fair wear and tear I agree that I may lose all or some of my pre-authorised amount of 100.

At Sail and Ski we are reasonable people and will never over charge you for damage that is not your fault but we do expect our rental items to be treated with care.

If your suit is rented online or by telephone you are responsible for the safe return by post and the cost of this postage.


Wetsuit Rental

Blueseventy Sprint Wetsuit 2017 (Rental)


Huub Aperitif Wetsuit 2017 (Rental)


Blueseventy Womens Sprint Wetsuit 2017 (Rental)


Huub Womens Aperitif Wetsuit 2017 (Rental)


Blueseventy Youth Torpedo Wetsuit 2017 (Rental)


Huub Junior Atom Wetsuit 2017 (Rental)


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