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Patagonia Size Charts

Patagonia Mens Size Chart

Chest size fits to 34-35'36-38'39-41'42-45'46-48'49-51'
  (86-89 cm)(91-97 cm)(99-104 cm)(107-114 cm)(117-122 cm)(124-130 cm)
Waist fits to 28'29-30'31-33'34-46'38'40-42'
  (71 cm)(74-76 cm)(79-84 cm)(86-91 cm)(97 cm)(102-107 cm)
Inseam 31'31'32'33'33'33'
  (76-79 cm)(76-79 cm)(81-84 cm)(81-84 cm)(81-84 cm)(81-84 cm)

Patagonia Womens Size Chart

Patagonia Womens Size Chart

Chest size fits to 32-33'34-35'36-37'38.5-40'41.5'
  (81-84 cm)(86-89 cm)(91-94 cm)(98-102 cm)(105 cm)
Waist fits to 24-25'26-27'28-2930.5-32'33.5'
  (61-64 cm)(66-69 cm)(71-74 cm)(77-81 cm)(85 cm)
Inseam 30'31'31'31'31'
  (76 cm)(79 cm)(79 cm)(79 cm)(79 cm)

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