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Burton Size Charts

Burton Mens Size Chart

Chest size fits to33-34"34-36"36-38"38-40"40-42"42-44"44-46"
 (84-86 cm)(86-91 cm)(91-97 cm)(97-102 cm)(101-107 cm)(107-112 cm)(112-117 cm)
Waist fits to26-28"28-30"30-32" 32-34"34-46"36-38"38-40"
 (66-71 cm)(71-76 cm)(76-81 cm)(81-86 cm)(86-91 cm)(91-97 cm)(97-102 cm)
 (71 cm)(74 cm)(76 cm)(79 cm)(81 cm)(84 cm)(86 cm)
Tall inseam30"31"32"33"34"35"36"
 (76 cm)(79 cm)(81 cm)(84 cm)(86 cm)(89 cm)(91 cm)
Short inseam26"27"28"29"30"31"32"
 (66 cm)(69 cm)(71 cm)(74 cm)(76 cm)(79 cm)(81 cm)

Burton Womens Size Chart

Chest size fits to28-29"30-31"32-33"34-35"36-37"38-39"
 (71-73.5 cm)(76-79 cm)(81-84 cm)(86- 89 cm)(91.5- 94 cm)(96.5-99cm)
Natural waist fits to21-22"23-24"25-26"27-28"29-30"31-32"
 (53.5- 55.5 cm)(58-61 cm)(64-66 cm)(69-71 cm)(74-76 cm)(79-81 cm)
Hips fit to32-33"34-35"36-37" 38-39"40-41"42-43"
 (81-84 cm)(86-89 cm)(91-94 cm)(97-99 cm)(102-104 cm)(106.5-109 cm)
Actual garmet inseam28.5"29"30"31"32"33"
 (72.5 cm)(74 cm)(76 cm)(79 cm)(81 cm)(84 cm)
Actual garmet tall inseam31.5"32.5"33.5"34.5"35.5"36.5"
 (80 cm)(82.5 cm)(85 cm)(87.5 cm)(90 cm)(92.5 cm)
Actual garmet short inseam26.5"27.5"28.5"29.5"30.5"31.5"
 (67.5 cm)(70 cm)(72.5 cm)(75 cm)(77.5 cm)(80 cm)

Burton Childrens Size Chart

Burton Childrens Size Chart
Size (age)XS (5-6)S (7-8)M (10-12)L (14-16)XL (18)
Chest size fits to25-2627-2930-3132-3335
 (64-66 cm)(69-74 cm)(76-79 cm)(81-84 cm)(89 cm)
Natural waist fits to21-2222-2324-2526-2729
 (53-56 cm)(56-8 cm)(61-64 cm)(66-69 cm)(74 cm)
Hip fits to26-2728-2930-3132-3335
 (66-69 cm)(71-74 cm)(76-79 cm)(81-84 cm)(89 cm)
Actual garment Inseam20.523262829
 (51 cm)(58 cm)(66 cm)(71 cm)(74 cm)

Burton Gloves Size Chart

Burton Gloves Size Chart

Mens2.5"3"3.25" 3.75"4.25"4.75"5.25"
 (5.7 cm)(7.6 cm)(8.25 cm)(9.51 cm)(10.8 cm)(12.1 cm)(13.2 cm)
  (5.7 cm)(6.35 cm)(7.6 cm)(8.9 cm)(10.2 cm)

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