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About Us

We sell skis. And we love it. Actually we also sell snowboards, outdoor clothing and a whole host of watersports equipment but you get the point.

Think about your favourite day on the slopes- you know that feeling? We have that feeling every day at work. Skis, snowboards and water sports is our passion. We've had this sentiment since 1968 when we wanted to share this passion with our customers.

Our shop, warehouse and website offices reside in the bustling roman town of Chester. Each member of our team has a long history in both snow or water sports, and we know and care what we are talking about.

Not only do we make the best of what the UK to offer (Skiing in Scotland or touring on Snowdonia), but we are lucky to attend the Ski Test year after year, and get on a few ski trips each season with friends and family. We practice what we preach, and pass that knowledge onto you.

If you pop into our shop or call us for advice, you will be met by friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to help and answer your questions.


Sail and Ski is all I have known since I was 10 years old. I've never had another job... well besides when I had a job as a artificial turkey inseminator at 13.


Sail and Ski has given me many interesting experiences in business. I've travelled the world on ski and snowboard tests and visited various headquarters and factories in the ski and water sports industry. Through the business I have also met many interesting characters either as customers or work colleagues, some who have become lifelong friends. Being part of a snow and water sports business has given me the opportunity to participate in all the sports I love: sailing, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding.


Sail and Ski started as a family business(Boats and Sports) in 1968 which I took over in 1979 changing the name to Sail and Ski. The present day set up is balanced between our shops and online which I and my fellow director run together. My job title? Head tea boy.


- Favourite place to ski? Purely for the amazing powder would be Niseko Hokkaido Japan. I have many other favourite places around the world for different reasons, basically most places with snow covered mountains.

- Best part of your job? The lifestyle.

- Weapon of choice? Depends on what sport. I am currently enjoying a reunion after 30 years with my MM custom windsurf board, still in one piece.

- What do you do outside of work? Whenever possible I'm in the snow in winter and on the water in summer.

- Summer or Winter? Both.

- First ski video you watched? I can remember watching was the 'Blizzard of Ahhs' by Greg Stump with Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup and Scot Schmidt.


- Random fact about you? I can juggle with flaming batons in the dark!