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Salomon Enduro RS 800Ti Skis + Z12 Bindings 2014

Salomon Enduro RS 800Ti Skis + Z12 Bindings 2014

Salomon Enduro RS 800Ti Skis + Z12 Bindings 2014

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New for 2014 the Salomon RS 800 TI fills an important gap in the range, between the RS800 and the XT800, intermediate and advanced skis respectively, the Salomon Rs 800 Ti offers the Ti layer of the XT800 for stiffness and grip whilst being closer in price to the intermediate model. A serious consideration for the advanced skier on a budget or a intermediate-advanced level skier which covers a lot of recreational level skiers that we come across

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This was one of the highlights of the Salomon range for us on test this winter, the RS800 Ti skis are almost, and when I say almost I mean 95% as good as, the famous XT800 but are nearly £100 cheaper. Still feels really positive turning at speed on the hard pack snow, maybe a little less grip than the higher model but only if you are pushing really hard! Performance off piste is just as good as the dimensions are similar so really worth a look if you want to save a few pounds or are stepping up from a more basic model and worried that the top of the range models might be money you don't need to spend

- Phil Murphy, Ski Tester, Website and shop based sales

Dimensions - (@170cm) - 125/79/107mm Radius 15m

Woodcore - Wood from tip to tail for optimum stability, rebound, and ski to snow contact by filtering vibrations. Balance of performance and weight due to 50% or less Beech.

Semi Sandwich - Monocoque in the tip and tail for reduced swing weight and effortless pivot combined with sandwich construction underfoot for a progressive grip, more control & smoother snow contact

POWERLINE All-Mountain - Active Dampening System dedicated to wide skis. 2 arms running along the ski side of the ski absorb terrain changes, improving stability in all snow conditions.

Double Ti Laminate 400 - Double layer of Titanium (0.4mm) improves on-piste performance. More precision, enormous edge grip and improved responsiveness.

All Terrain Rocker - Single rocker shape in the tip area, medium length and low height, that enables maximum terrain absorption and easy, progressive turn initiation, without sacrificing stability. Salomon Patented design.